Sunday, 5 April 2009

Do you wanna FEED with me?

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If you want to be always updated from your favorite Web Sites...well, it's time to use Feeds and Feed Aggregators. It was an unknown tool!! I subscribed on Bloglines and I followed step-by-step the instructions on our course blog. It was quite easy, but the real problem was understand WHAT IS THE REAL UTILITY OF FEEDS!
Well, I've written it at the beginning of this post. And Feeds are very useful. I'm still using Bloglines in order to avoid non-sense use of Google, and going directly to my favorite Web pages and above all, to those pages, which have been recently updated!

And it is simple!

You only need to copy and paste the URL of the page you need, and're ready!!

You have a quick playlist of your favorites and you can always see if those pages have something new or not, because the name of the web page is highlighted whenever new posts or such sort of things are added!

I am registered for updates on New York Times and BBC above all, because I really like reading news coming from other countries, or reading shared news from different point of view. I like exploring media, too. Videos, radio, and other audio files are added every day!

Join Bloglines now!


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