Sunday, 5 April 2009

Be careful with SOURCES!

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During last Wednesday's lecture, we thought and learnt how to choose among a huge number of sources. It was a very useful lesson, because we all are preparing our thesis or looking for materials on the net in order to write it. We have started thinking about what criteria we normally use to define or to establish if the source we are using is good, bad, authoritative or something else. Well, I always think how it could be so difficult thinking about something, you normally do carelessly.
And how wrong am I!!
I think about a topic or some specific words (i.e. tags) and then I connect on Internet, write down and finally look for the tags I've chosen. Moreover, I choose one or more among the results and then I start reading.
It's not completely wrong, but it's not the right way to do a good Internet search!
When you start searching, you are supposed to have all ideas clear in your mind: what are you looking for? what style do you need? what kind of author? and so on. Only answering to these questions, you will be able to search in an effective way. I read this web site
Purdue’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) about this topic. There is an explanation of this particular mental approach to search.
Moreover, thinking about what kind of source you are reading through, it is necessary to know the author, and last but not least, the text shouldn't be written by a no-one (like Wikipedia, or similar).
It's not easy at all and for this reason we talked about that at school, and we listed our criteria (you can read them

Do you always think about what are looking for?


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