Sunday, 5 April 2009

Happy to you!!

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Have you ever heard about Well, this is the moment. is another useful Internet tool. With you can save you time (as for Bloglines) but for different purposes. is based on Social Bookmarking. Let's think about these important words:

Social: because you can share your bookmarks with a community of REAL PEOPLE, you can create your own Network with people you know (our peers, our colleagues, our friends, and so on) and you get always new Bookmarks, that you can use whenever you need or you want.

Bookmark: "A bookmark is a thin marker, commonly made of paper or card, used to keep one's place in a book and so be able to return to it with ease" (from Wikipedia). Well, we're exploring Internet bookmarks. They work in the same way of bookmarks for "normal" books, but for Internet purposes.

With you can create a Bookmark for a Web Page you like, you need, or whatever and you only need an Internet connection, go on Your and get your bookmarks ready!!
I created a Network with my peers' usernames, and then I explored their Bookmarks for some Web Pages. These are my choices!

Chiara's bookmark: I was attracted by the description of this web site . It is funny and useful at the same time. There you can find a great number of quizzes and exercises, divided by levels (Easy, Medium and Difficult) and purposes (General Listening, Basic Listening, Academic Purposes, Vocabulary Lessons, and many others). I think I will add this Bookmark on my list, because I think it will be very useful to improve my learning skills. Thank you Chiara!! ;-)

Arianna' bookmark: I've chosen this one because I'm very interested in English Idioms. If you listen to an informal dialogue or to a film in English, you will surely encounter a lot of idiomatic expressions. With this useful web site, you can look for a specific expression, searching it by its initial letter or you can explore the site by the quick menu on the left side of the page, in which you can find anything you need (idioms, phrasal verbs, and so on). Thanks, Arianna :-)

Ilaria's bookmark: I was looking for something new, interesting and different from the famous This is the solution There you can find news about music, watch music videos and some more...The only thing I cannot understand is that at home, the site is in Italian, and from a University computer, it is in English!! However, thank you Ilaria! ;-)

See you soon

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