Friday, 27 March 2009

Let's start...Reflective blogging

I would like to take all the best from this experience. I like English very much, and I've studied it for a very long time, but I always feel the need to improve my skills.
I reflected about my skills, as I was filling the EU Language Portfolio (about English, German and French).

Oral skills...
Writing skills...

I felt uncomfortable because I wasn't able to establish on a secure basis at which level I am. Sometimes I think I speak well, sometimes I think I would be better to give up. I always try to make clear in my mind what I really want. Targets! Well, I found a new energy from my new learning targets. I hope to achieve them till the end of the semester. But I know it is quite impossible.

Yes, of course I would like to improve all my skills. The real problem is finding out HOW!

Let's start thinking about these targets.

Writing skills: I would like to become more fluent in writing, without looking too often in the dictionary, searching for the right word to use. I admit I don't look in the dictionary very often, trying to improve myself on my own, but I always write incorrect terms. Here feedbacks become important and useful. I would like to improve technical language, too. Writing fluently and well about any topic is the highest level in my dreams, and I need to work hard to achieve that result.
Solution: using the internet sources (Technorati, Blogosphere, Google search, and so on), devoting more time in practicing.

Oral skills (listening and speaking) and solution: I am not an English native speaker, and I know I won’t become. I can only improve these skills by watching more films and TV programs in English, by searching on the net some videos and audio files. And moreover, by using the occasion of speaking as much as I can with native speakers (i.e. when I go outdoors for a journey and I listen to some people speaking in English, I can talk to them, even if for a while).

During the 1st semester I attended both the exchange programs with my English teacher, and I wasn’t supposed to attend this semester’s lectures. I decided to continue because I need to use every occasion in order to improve my skills in foreign language learning.

Have a nice day!


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  4. I'm so sorry, probably I wasn't clear enough. My username is MartinaC.
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