Friday, 27 March 2009

First Blog in English

This is my first experience as blogger in English. I don't think it will be simple, but I will do all the best I can to achieve my learning targets. I thought about them even if I didn't attend all the lectures by now (exams, problems with pc, and so on).
It wasn't easy to choose a topic, a title, and moreover, it wasn't easy to orient myself in the Blogosphere. Everyone has at least one blog, or one personal page and everyone talks or writes about every topic.

I'll give you an example: Think about something, even if it is strange...'keyboards', the first word that comes in my mind. There will surely be some blogs or some posts on the net treating this topic.

Therefore, there is an enormous amount of information! Thus, I decided to focus on English and the process of learning it as non-English speaker. The result of this thought, is this blog.
I think that having a blog in different language from your mother tongue will be a very useful experience in order to improve your skills: you need to visit and read other people's posts, you need to comment them and writing your personal opinion, you need to think different, you need to think in English!! The only trouble I have is colloquial English. Reading through many other blogs, the language used is always colloquial. On one hand, I think I will learn more about colloquial speech, even if I read it as written, I think I learn more about oral speech - they are similar, in a blog you write in the same way you talk. On the other hand I think I will (in some way) pollute my English - no grammar rules, easy vocabulary, and so on.

We will see...


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