Tuesday, 19 May 2009

PLE - Personal Learning Enjoyment!!

this is my map about PLE

During last Thursday's lesson I filled the "Learning Target" form. I felt a little bit uncomfortable because I virtually know what I want and what I need for me in the future, but when I am supposed to think practically about it, I always encounter some difficulties. Moreover, this week I thought about how to create my Personal Learning Environment (PLE) map. It was not easy because I'm not used thinking deeply about such sort of things. Firstly, I wrote the map's structure on a piece of paper, edited it after few days taking account of the links given by Sarah and then I downloaded FreeMind (another very interesting and useful tool) filling the form with my notes.
I think Personal Learning Environment is basically composed of the different learning categories:
  • Alone learning and
  • In-group learning
each of them is based on the so called (by me) 'the 3 W': What, Where and When.
  • What: description of the used tools and services (Internet, newspapers, media, etc.)
  • Where: description of the location (at home, at school, on the road, etc.)
  • When: description of the moment (in the morning, in the weekend, etc.)
Moreover, I found 3 sub-categories of What:
  • Internet tools and services
  • Traditional tools and services
  • Others
I didn't copy the categories in the given maps because, as I am supposed to create a 'Personal' Learning Environment map, I decided to create one based on my own criteria. I hope you will appreciate that!
Tell me,
have a nice day!

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